Celebrate Love

Celebrate Love
dRA Blog Urla Throw House no 23
House no 23, roots its philosophy in generations of tradition using only the finest organic Turkish cotton, for its hand-crafted linens.  We recommend the Suna Throw in gray for $70 or the beautiful textured Urla Throw for $96. 
House no 23 Urla Throw Katie Dean Jewelry
We're taking notes on living a beautiful life from jewelry designer Katie Dean, who's mission goes beyond creating beautiful pieces to wear. We recommend her Beaded Coin Necklace for $95.
Skincare is always in - are go to is Skinesque and this mini gift set for $42 makes it even easier.
Sanso LA
Shop Lait La Vie en Rose
No VDay is complete without beautiful blooms and scents.  If you're in LA take a visit to Sanso a collaborative space, plant shop and ceramic studio in one.  For scents we love Lait - our scent for the season is No. 20 La Vie En Rose for $14

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