Taking Steps Campaign
Here at dRA we believe that change starts from within so it was easy to agree that in order to change the world we needed to start with ourselves. We put our minds together to consider how we, as a company, could use our platform to create a positive change.
As part of the apparel industry, we are conscious of the impact our industry has on the environment-but we also believe that if many small businesses take many small steps, a large impact is possible. We decided it was time to do our part.
Doing Our Best to use Less
At dRA we understand that this commitment would have to start from the ground up-the ground being the team behind dRA. We analyzed our behavior as a company, from our energy usage to how much we recycle. Our office is now BYOS (bring your own silverware). We implemented an in-house recycling program as well as an energy saving plan for our office. We hold each other accountable to be mindful and tread lightly- this culture is something we will cultivate as the dRA family grows.
Giving Back 
dRA has joined and become a proud member of 1% For The Planet- a global movement of responsible businesses giving back to environmental nonprofits to create a healthier planet. This partnership is all about formalizing our commitment to the environment.
Through this partnership dRA pledged to donate 1% of our annual retail sales.We will have the ability to participate in beach cleanups- allowing us to volunteer as a staff, and engage with a great local group of individuals who are committed to protecting our planet.
Find out more about 1% at onepercentfortheplanet.org
This year, keep an eye out for our transition to more eco-friendly practices in our shipping and manufacturing department. We have been diligently working on all levels to reduce our use of plastic by using 100% recyclable eco-packaging. We will be shipping smaller orders in recyclable mailers to reduce our carbon footprint. Our packaging is a project that we will continue to work at and update you along the way.
 We are taking steps to use more natural and recyclable fibers which reduces the amount of chemicals used to tread a little lighter on this earth. Cotton, Rayon and Viscose are the fibers that make up a large portion of our line- all made out of plant materials which produces very little waste and a much more eco friendly product. We utilize green techniques for creating our fabrics and will continue our path, exploring sustainable options as we progress and grow. 
Our Factories
Ethical practices with our manufacturing companies have always been a main priority for us. Working with only socially compliant factories was important so when we found the right one we stuck with it. To this day, we still work with the same team and are grateful for the opportunity to grow with them. Owners Shawn and Diana take bi-annual trips to visit where they are always greeted with open arms. The production team is more than just a factory, to us it’s a family.
Taking Steps Campaign
We are thrilled to share our journey with you as we implement these changes and initiatives. In a world where consumers are faced with endless choices, putting your money into a business that is invested in creating a better world can create a significant difference. We are incredibly proud to do our part in the fight for a brighter and healthier future and appreciate all the support along the way.