dRA Getaways

Our top weekend getaways:


Ojai Valley Inn & Spa - Ojai, CA 

Ojai is a classic, go with the girls and treat yourselves to good food, spa time, and relaxation.  The Ojai Valley Inn & Spa is a place we keep going back to, and the short drive from Los Angeles makes it a no-brainer for a relaxing weekend.  

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Park Hyatt Aviara - Carlsbad, CA 

For a family-friendly weekend getaway, we love the Park Hyatt Aviara. Nestled in Carlsbad and a relatively short drive from Los Angeles, the resort is luxurious with expansive grounds for fantastic views of the mountains.  They have a salt water pool and all the engaging outdoor & lawn activities - did we mention the golf course yet?  If you do bring the kids along, don't miss the pint-size kiddy cafe, which can't get any more adorable (if you've seen inside Diana Ra's home you know we're no strangers to miniature furniture at dRA). The epitome of relaxation and family time was the perfect night spent winding down with smores and oven-baked pizza while enjoying movie night by the pool.  Park Hyatt Aviara is our go-to choice for family fun. #family #great for kids #weekend getaway

(image credits: left, inside a double suite, Park Hyatt Aviara; left, s'mores, casadwyer.com;)

Mii Amo Spa - Sedona, AZ 

If you're in need of some self-love Mii Amo offers an amazing all-inclusive wellness retreat. Located in an elusive vortex, Mii Amo has an unmistakable energy that is perfect for relaxation but also spiritual growth and recharging.  We'd love to enlighten you on the vortex, but they've got that covered with an in-depth lecture - one of their many available activities.  Being surrounded by the red rock mountains, you'll have plenty of time to take in the scenery and go on guided hikes. The retreat also offers yoga, massages, and classes to learn about essential oils and crystals.  We recommend taking a few books, sunglasses and having some me-time in the desert.  Mi Ammo is our pick for recharging and personal wellness, with friends or alone the experience is not one to miss.  #self-love #spiritual recharge #wellness retreat